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Tony Watkin said:   June 10, 2013 5:47 pm PST
Hi Jason, I am an Australian who lives in Canada and I just read your shark story on the Darwin news face book site, bloody sharks, these Canadians think they are as thick as blow flies so this will make them even more paranoid , lol Good luck on the rest of your journey and stop harassing the fish.. Regards Tony

Nathan McIvor said:   June 6, 2013 3:45 am PST
Like I said Jason, I'm not gonna forget seeing this drowned fish standing in my office doorway asking for a drink of water. Billy and Johnny are still shaking their heads with disbelief. Sommer and Parker were astounded that you have paddled all this way. you got guts, I admire that Jason. Go strong and thanks for making my day just that little more special. we will follow your progress mate. cheers Nathan, Sommer and Parker. Ps got a good few pics of you will send to your email box.

Year 5 Nhulunbuy primary School said:   May 28, 2013 8:56 pm PST
Hi Thanks for coming into our class and sharing all of that information about your journey. We really apprectiate you answering all of our questions. Good luck. From Year 5.

Jason Beachcroft said:   May 27, 2013 6:16 pm PST
Hi Ben here is the photo you asked for. When i find the time people i will upload more. Sorry.

neil aldred said:   May 21, 2013 12:25 am PST
hi jason, Still going strong i see, awsome work pal,your not missing much around here except i am sure keny told you about the cat and pigmy wombat issue..take care pal and i will see you when you return...neil

Ben Kavanagh said:   May 17, 2013 1:02 am PST
Hi there Jason, I'm one of the three fisherman in the tinny you so randomly paddled up to at the mouth of the Tulley inlet in the gulf of Carpentaria! We are still very amazed at our stroke of luck, running in to you in that very small window of time that we where fishing there as you happened to be at that exact part of your epic journey! It was great talking to you and we are wishing you all the best for the rest of your trip. Ps.. we would love to see our photo in your gallery!!

Paul said:   April 25, 2013 12:58 am PST
Hey Jason Great talking to you tonight Just trying to check your spot location on your site but having trouble Any clues? Cheers Paul

Paul said:   April 20, 2013 1:58 am PST
Hey bloke if you need a contact in nhulunbuy let me know Cheers Paul 0412995427 Ps I'm great mates with Anthony Higgins (Higgs)

anon said:   April 12, 2013 8:15 pm PST
Good Jason!

anon said:   April 12, 2013 8:14 pm PST
Good Jason!

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