Support - Sponsorship

    This is a self funded trip and i would appreciate any help that you might be able to spare in this regard. I am contactable via

  • Email
  • Mobile +61438457382
  • If you would like to make a financial contribution my account details are as follows Name Jason Beachcroft BSB 012716 Account Number 184271306 even a small deposit makes a difference. Shout me price of a cup of coffee or a beer or better if your so inclined.


 I am looking also for equipment sponsors i think i will be in a great position to review equipment and write a review over the next 15 months. Please contact me via email or phone.




At this stage i need to extend my thanks to the following people.

  • Ken Luck a great friend whose support is making this trip possible.
  • Darren at Australian Geoscience who've supported me with the maps for the checkout
  • Patrick Kinsella at who has provided advice, contacts and publicity.
  • Sandy Robson check out her amazing journey at who has provided freely of information invaluable to the trip.
  • Dave Winkworth at Silverstorm Sea Kayaking for advice and a new Keeleazy Strip and some new glue in cleats.
  • Dr Richard Styles.
  • Lawerence Geoghan at Nadgee Kayaks, for the manufacture of my Nadgee, advice and repairs.
  • Brett Murphy and crew at Summit Gear for a lot of valuable help over the years.
  • Miriam and crew at Mac Pac Katooomba for a great deal on a good tent.
  • Rohan Klopfer from for drybags.
  • Bruce Easton from             for a Fast Find PLB and additional emergency equipment.
  • The ALI Crew  and the Blue Mtns Crew.
  • Darren Hocking and Tji for providing advice and emergency support for this trip and many others and Dave Keir and Steve Nenke.
  • I also need to thank Terry Bolland from Canoeing Down Under for the replacement Cag, Spraydeck, Floating Sunglasses, a dry bag and a copy of his Kimberly adventure book.
  •  Thanks also to Rob Mercer from Expedition Kayaks for the new Valley Hatch Covers.
  • Tony Hubbard for the help in repairing the hull of my kayak.
  • Anthony Higgins, Julia Summerling and Stuart Preston for the music, advice and camera 0-ring and Water Bladders respectively.
  • Mick Davidson the first of my financial contributors.

    I have no doubt that there will be a lot more to come.

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